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What Does a Game Developer Do?

Game development is an exciting career, but most people don't actually know what is involved. This blog will introduce readers to this fascinating subject. Through the use of informative articles, break down the mystery of game development. Industry experts will provide helpful information on creating a story and how to add audio to it. Further discussions will add insight into how to develop the characters in the game and offer advice on how many levels to have. Visitors to this blog will come away with knowledge of gameplay mechanics and how to get started.

Easy to Make Game

22 Mar 2022

Anyone interested in becoming a games developer will first want to test their skills with something easy. This video guides you through one of the most accessible games you can create using JavaScript. A simple game is a reliable way of introducing yourself to some of the basics of game development.

Game Development Isn’t Always Easy

15 Feb 2022

As games become ever more intuitive and powerful, the development behind them takes extraordinary skill. Being a game developer can be exciting and highly profitable, but it’s complicated. Never underestimate the talent and hard work needed to successfully make it in the industry. Importantly, do your research and practice your skills.

Building Your First Game

12 Jan 2022

Getting that first game built is an exciting prospect for a budding games developer. Don’t jump straight into the deep end, however. Focus on getting a basic game made for a first attempt, even if it’s rudimentary. As long as the game is playable and works, it’ll be a great introduction.

Life as a Game Developer

7 Dec 2021

When researching everything about game development, it can be handy to know what a typical workday looks like for people employed in the sector. It isn’t all sitting around playing video games, with demanding and complex coding and development work being factored into a typical day.